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neoos®X   1.690 €


The neoos®X:

  • three different wristbands
  • power supply & USB-C data cable
  • integrated lithium polymer battery
  • user manual
  • high quality transport packaging

Product information "neoos®X":

  • By using the body's own ultrasound frequencies, the neoos® allows you to hear through your skin instead of your ears. Permanently integrated is the "pink noise", which helps to harmonize the hemispheres of the brain and thus supports ideal learning. The neoos®X is the first and only neoos® that you can wear directly on your wrist without a cable, while comfortably transmitting your training content through and over your skin. 

Technical specifications of the neoos®X:

  • flexible wearing on the wrist
  • operation via integrated sensor buttons on the outer rim
  • two integrated audio players (play MP3 or WAV files)
  • integrated pink noise
  • five ultrasound carrier frequencies (heart, intestine, brain, wobble heart/intestine/brain, wobble body)
  • individual adjustment of sound levels / pressure for recorded audio files
  • weight 40 g
  • dimensions 65 x 53 x 23 mm
  • battery life 7 to 9 hours
  • battery charging time approx. 2 hours


Important: The neoos®X is a hygienic product due to the integrated oscillators in the housing. A return is therefore only possible in unworn condition. Once the hygiene seals have been removed, an exchange or return is excluded.

neoos®X Manual


Business English Learning Course  € 199  for free!

Product information "Business English Course"

This course is perfect for you if you already have a good knowledge of the language (approx. from level 3-4 of our self-assessment) and now want to take the step into (negotiation-)confident use. Our KOSYS Business English Course is suitable for every learning type and works without vocabulary cramming and grammar swotting! 

With 47 videos in 9 modules, you can immerse yourself in the business world of English. Not only will you enjoy varied content, but you'll also connect thousands of new vocabulary words in the context of simple, illustrated lectures. In total, you'll experience more than 94,478 words, 10-15 hours of entertainment, and speakers from nine nations. This enables you to understand the intercultural diversity of the English language - because English is not only spoken in the USA or England, but in many other countries as well. With our Business English Course we simulate a stay abroad with a duration of 6 to 9 months.
And this with the least amount of effort. So you will be able to find and improve your language style.

Your Business English Course includes:

  • 47 video lessons, with your choice of English, German, or many other subtitles
  • working materials and instructions for making the "word-by-word translation" (decoding)
  • one subliminal file per video for use with neoos®X
  • user manual
  • high quality transport packaging

Note: The Business English Training is a purely digital product. Therefore, after payment, online access will be activated for you directly. You will not receive any physical documents!


The learning platform - free access!


  • Special training area for your Business English Course
  • Checklists for the classification of your learning progress
  • An extensive download area for audio lessons, worksheets and practice material
  • Entertaining bonus material including numerous learning tips for practical implementation

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